Social Mediarrrrrgggghhhh!!

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Like most businesses these days, I have an online presence which allows clients to find me and then to research whether I am any good or not! For the most part, keeping on top of social media is not particularly difficult, but there is one thing that halts me in my tracks when publishing my work all over the web; and that is a real and true respect for your privacy. So, for example, I am on Facebook but I usually just check in at my location before I leave home, (rather than when I’m working), and I have quite a large number of photographs on there from previous years, but you will find very little content from very recent weddings, because I truly believe that even though my photographs are my work, they actually belong to you, and I would hate to think of photographs of my wedding being circulated all over the internet, before I had had a chance to see them myself!

I know some photographers do publish full weddings every week, and I can see that showing off lots of fabulous images can be good for business, but I am uncomfortable with this; so I don’t do it. Of course, I need to show my work in order for people to see what I am about, but there has been a couple of occasions where I have been told categorically not to publish any images online, even accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement when celebrities are involved, and I am more than happy to sign these if required.