Time needed for Wedding Photographs

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I am often asked how much time is needed to be set aside for wedding photographs to be taken on the big day. I like to work in a very discrete, natural photography style, so for most of the day you won’t be particularly aware of my presence, however I usually like to have two short sessions with the bride and groom alone, which will last approximately 10-15 minutes or so, and then there are the family group photos, which will take as much time as the list is long! In general, 10 group photographs will take me approximately half an hour to organise, and the list would usually look something like:


  1. B & G with Bride’s Full Family
  2. B & G with Bride’s Immediate Family
  3. B & G with Bride’s Parents
  4. B & G with Groom’s Full Family
  5. B & G with Groom’s Immediate Family
  6. B & G with Groom’s Parents
  7. B & G with Bridal Party
  8. Bride with the Bridesmaids
  9. Groom with the Groomsmen
  10. B & G with the Children

However, every wedding and every family situation is different, so it is helpful for me to have a list to work from before the big day. You are welcome, of course, to request more group photos, but please be aware that they do take time to arrange, and you need to factor this into your plan of the day.

I try to capture the family/ bridal party groups quite soon after the ceremony ends, as everybody is looking fresh, with make-up still perfect, accessories still in place, jackets are still on and the children are still clean! However, another very important reason for taking the group photos sooner rather than later, is that these days, I find that some wedding guests will have a dslr camera, quite a few will have a decent compact camera and everybody has a mobile phone! This means that you will be asked to “stand still” and “smile” by most of your guests at some point, which is perfectly understandable as they only want a lovely photo of you both. However, I find that if I take the group photos first, then the guests will often take the same photo which I have arranged and everybody is happy…..the guests have a lovely photo of you both and you don’t have to spend hours having your photograph taken!

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