To do, today….

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Hang on to your hats ladies & gentlemen, today’s blog is going to be all about….wait for it….my “to do” list, for today!! Now, being the organised, efficient, pedantic woman that I am, like a lot of people, I regularly add little notes to my phone to remind me what I have to do the next day, but I really can’t beat the satisfaction of writing a proper list of jobs to achieve and then crossing them off, one by one, with an actual pen. Exciting stuff eh?!! The real genius idea about this today, is that at the top of my list is the word “Blog”, so I thought I would combine the two and make my blog all about my “to do”list…..genius indeed! 😉 You may detect a note of mild sarcasm in my voice, only because, as stated in the inimitable voice of Ronan Keating & co….sometimes I really do say it best, when I say nothing at all! I know I’m supposed to write a weekly blog, but it just isn’t always possible to have the time to dedicate to a seemingly superfluous task, when I have so many other things to do! So, today’s list goes like this so far:

  1. Blog = covered 😉


  1. Emails = I’m really good at getting back to people really quickly, so keep on top of this throughout the day.


  1. Deposit & Balance Sheet = This is where I keep track of, well, deposits & balances, which also needs updating almost daily.


  1. Edit last week’s wedding = I like to turnaround wedding photos within 2 weeks so I tend to edit for a couple of hours each day, so that my brain stays fresh and I can really see the images I have created.


  1. Wonky Printer = Hopefully this will be a quick Google job, but I do have a pink screwdriver I’ve been dying to use!


  1. General Life = Go for a swim, make a potato curry so we can have dinner somewhere beautiful this evening, phone my parents & lovely friend, cure all known diseases and find world peace. Simple. 😉

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