Wedding Plans for 2017

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Although people get married at all different times of year, my quietest months for actually photographing weddings have always been January and February. There are always the odd few who like to buck this trend and embrace a winter wedding; for example I’m photographing a wedding in Burnley in a couple of weeks and I was at the Great John Street Hotel in Manchester last week, but in general this is my quietest season for camera work.

Fortunately, this also happens to be my busiest season for meeting with new clients and setting out plans for the forthcoming year. A lot of people get engaged over Christmas and New Year, which leads to a spike in wedding photography enquiries, and also I think there is definitely something to be said for lots of fun and frivolity over the festive season and then getting organised and back on track in the new year!

I am available for meetings most of the time; lunchtime is fine for me as I work from home in the week, I am happy to meet in the evenings if preferred to fit in around busy schedules, and also weekends are not too busy at the moment so are always another option. Clients are welcome to come over to my place in Congleton, or I am happy to travel to meet at their homes if required.

As for my long term plans for this year, I just want to create some amazing wedding photos! I want to use my LED light panels a lot more to form and shape my images and I might even treat myself to a new lens (not a new toy of course….more of an essential business tool!). If you would like to meet to discuss your wedding plans in person, just complete the form on the contact section of my website, and I will be in touch soon.

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