Reasons to be Cheerful…1,2,3!

My computer guy advised me that I should write and publish a weekly blog so that potential clients can learn a little more about me and also so that Google can see that my website is current and frequently updated.

Sometimes I write about my work or my perspective on a particular element of being a wedding photographer, but I must confess that this week’s blog is going to be short and sweet and focus on my immediate excitement!


  1. Tomorrow I will have the absolute pleasure and privilege of photographing a wedding at the majestic Manchester Town Hall! Now, I am totally happy and comfortable photographing at any venue, and indeed this is one of the most amazing factors of my job; that some weeks I am photographing in a castle, some weeks I am in a small hotel and some weeks I am by a golf course or on a boat! The variety is truly amazing and keeps me on my toes, but sometimes I photograph at a venue so unique, as with the architecture in Manchester Town Hall, which is so phenomenal, that I literally cannot wait to go to work tomorrow!!


  1. Today I have taken delivery of my brand new Lastolite heavy duty light stands with Rotolight Professional 360 degree Ball Swivel Mounts…..isn’t that exciting!!?? This means I will be able to mount my super mega LED light panels 3.5 metres off the ground, which will give me amazing scope to play with, create, and shape the available light at weddings, from a brand new point of view. I have been using my tripods previously, but these new toys are going to blow those out of the water!! BOOM!!


  1. Finally, this is not directly related to my work, but it made me smile anyway, so I had to include it here! I have been reading about mindfulness recently, and how it is important to be aware and appreciative of what is occurring right now. Yesterday I was filling my tyres at the petrol station and the machine made 3 beeps when the tyre was full. Immediately afterwards a little bird copied the exact pitch and tone, as if in reply! I don’t know why this made me smile so much, but I have passed this little story on to a few people and they smiled too, so maybe it will do the same for you!