Top ten magical moments of 2016 – Part 1

I have the honour and the privilege to capture through my photography some of the most magical moments of a couple’s wedding day, and still, somehow, as if this wasn’t enough, there are also sometimes extra memorable moments, which really stand out to me. So, just for fun, and in no particular order, I thought I’d make a little list of my highlights of 2016.

  1. Back in April, Sheila & Ronnie were married to each other, having been born on the same street over 60 years ago! They have known each other for literally all their lives, but only got together recently. To see Ronnie standing with tears in his eyes waiting for his bride at the altar….I’m getting emotional just thinking of it now!
  1. Having never been on a narrowboat before, it was a really surreal experience this year to spend the day with the lovely Michelle & Robert on their beautiful wedding day. I arrived at the bridal prep address, which was “Bridge 14, Macclesfield Canal”, parked my car alongside some boats and spent a very memorable day chugging up the canal to a tiny little green with a wine ceremony and a fairytale swing! Absolutely magical!
  1. As they are both huge Elbow fans, Anthony proposed to Andrea at Glastonbury whilst Elbow were playing their favourite tune “One day Like This”. As a surprise gift, Anthony had a big print framed of the beautiful chorus, which was signed by the Elbow guys and delivered to Andrea on the morning of their wedding!
  1. Elaine & Tristan live in San Francisco, and were married in Vegas earlier this year, but they wanted to have a party for all their friends and family back in England, so Elaine’s father set up a huge marquee in the garden, and they had informal speeches outside by the hay field, with all of their international friends giving a small speech first of all in their own language, and then in English! There were Filipino, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Welsh & Polish speeches; so many different ways to say “We love you”!
  1. Malini & Philip had a fantastic wedding at Chester Zoo, and when everybody else went off on a zoo safari trip, we had a wander round and got some amazing couple’s shots together. The newlyweds wanted some time alone to freshen up, so I took the opportunity to capture some amazing shots of their favourite animals. Being alone in a zoo, right by the roaring lions is an unforgettable experience!

To be continued next week…..