Top ten magical moments of 2016 – Part 2

  1. The lovely Jodie & Jonathan had my husband DJing for them on the night of their wedding, so Jodie asked me and Dave to help her surprise Jonny with his friends singing their first dance song. I timed my final couple’s shots to fit in exactly with the first dance set-up time, so that the guys could set up their instruments without Jonny seeing them. I took them away for a few minutes, got some lovely photos, asked them to wait whilst I double checked that everything was ready, then led them in the room to the intro of “It’s all about you” being played live by 3 amazing groomsmen….the look on Jonny’s face….absolutely priceless!
  1. Leanne & Stuart are a fab young couple who were married this Autumn. They had planned to go on honeymoon to somewhere exotic like Mexico, but had changed their plans and decided to visit New York instead, as the overjoyed newlyweds were in fact expecting their first child this year! To make the day even more special, the couple announced their amazing news to all their family and friends as part of the wedding breakfast speeches…..such an incredible moment.
  1. I have photographed many weddings with adorable children as tiny flower girls and gorgeous little page boys, but I’m always super impressed when these children are brave enough to stand up and speak in front of a full crowded room. At Alison & Mike’s wedding in June, little Dylan read a beautiful poem in the ceremony, and literally there was not a dry eye in the room!
  1. Sometimes you meet a couple who are so different in so many ways (me and my hubby included) and yet, for some reason, this just works so well! Megan is a crazy, lively, enthusiastic – (in fact….enthusiastic isn’t quite strong enough a word!), beautiful lady and her husband Dan is the most chilled person you would ever meet. Megan & Dan were really lucky with the weather as they had organised outdoor games for their guests; they had a blast at croquet together for the photos as it was Megan’s dads favourite game, and on the first shot, they managed to crash their shots together in perfect harmony! (which was their actual aim, rather than trying for the hoopy thing). Lots of hugs, cheers and whooping followed of course!
  1. I was photographing Sally & Stuart’s wedding yesterday and the best man recognised me as I had photographed his sister’s wedding last year too! He was really surprised when he mentioned “Jo & Lee” and I recalled the Manchester MacDonald Hotel immediately (my brain works in terms of photos and I can see the 60’s style shot of the building in my mind straight away).I was thinking how lovely it was to have a personal recommendation from one of my clients, when, at the evening reception, another beautiful couple who’s wedding I had photographed in 2014, had also recommended me to Sally! I’m so proud to have been recommended by not just one, but two of my brides, for the same wedding…what are the chances of that??!!