Wedding album design process Part 2

As for the actual design process itself, I try to send out the USB drive and a link to your private digital online gallery, with all your wedding photos, within 2 weeks of the wedding day. If you want me to design a storybook for you there are then 2 options….most of the time my clients will spend some time with their photos and then send me a list of their favourite 100 or so images. I then take what I see as a digital “pile” of wedding photos and sit down with a very large coffee and somehow, after many hours at my computer I will have in front of me an actual, flowing, completely unique wedding storybook design!

I have a new system in place now whereby my clients have access to a digital gallery. There is a facility for you to be able to tag your favourite 100 images so that I can create your album with your favourites.

Of course I am completely familiar with the images as I captured them in the first place, but to take a random (as in not chosen by me) selection of photos and to place them in a way which flows beautifully, every single time, always seems like a small miracle to me! On occasion I may include an additional image to maybe make a double spread balance more effectively, or perhaps I might have to leave out a details shot if there is a similar image in the book already and the layout flows better without it, but if this is the case I will always explain exactly what I have done, and why I have done it, and you can make the final decision as to how important the slight modification is….and of course I can always make changes to the design before I send it off to print.

The other possible method that some clients choose is for me to design the book completely alone. I have had some clients in the past who have simply struggled to decide on their favourites out of so many choices, so they leave the selection to me, and for these books I sit down with an even larger cup of coffee, and again, after many hours, a beautiful storybook design will appear, as if by magic! Either way, when I have designed the layout I send you a copy of the book for you to approve before I send the design off to be printed. At this stage you can make any changes and I will send you another copy to approve, to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect for you. When you are completely happy, I then confirm the order and send the book to Graphistudio. The turnaround time is usually 4-6 weeks, and the book is sent to me first, to double check, before I send it on to you. I can usually design a book within a week of receiving your chosen selection, as I know that once a decision has been made to have a book made for you, you will want it in your hands, to show off to your friends, family and colleagues, as quickly as possible!