Wedding Photography Reviews

I now have over 150 five star reviews, which is just incredible. Personally, I don’t buy anything without researching extensively and reading as many reviews and testimonials as possible. I’m that woman in the shop with my phone in my hand, checking out the relative merits of one product or another before committing to buy, even if it’s something as simple as a new mop! When choosing a wedding photographer you can see very clearly if you like the photographs on their website, but it is also important to know that the person you have chosen to capture your special day will also be friendly, and reliable, and will not make you stand around for hours away from your guests. I am frequently complimented at weddings for being efficient and discrete, and yet unfortunately I still hear regular horror stories about weddings which have been attended, where the guests did not get to speak to the bride and groom at all due to the photographer taking up all of their afternoon. I have explained in previous blogs about how long it takes to organise wedding photographs, but if you read some of my reviews then you will see for yourself that although the photographs are absolutely one of the most important factors of your wedding, it is possible, with the right photographer, for them to be captured in such a way that you get to truly enjoy every single moment of your extra special day.