All you need is love.

I haven’t written a blog for a while and I have a little time this morning as my wedding today does not begin until 5pm, so I thought I might write about some of the ideas that run through my head on the morning before a shoot. So, first of all, a 5pm ceremony is indeed a rare thing. I have photographed plenty of weddings at 3pm and 4pm, but this, in fact, may be the latest ceremony ever for me! This in itself does not present any problems, as we are in the middle of summer (honestly!) and there is plenty of daylight available. However, the weather forecast looks terrible all evening, so I will be hoping for just a little break in the rain so that we can pop to the local park, even for 5 minutes or so, to capture a few outdoor photos with some greenery in the background. I fully appreciate this may not actually happen, and if it doesn’t then I have plenty of supplementary lighting, with on/ off camera flash and LED light panels, so we can stay indoors.

Another consideration is the building itself; today I’m shooting at a Masonic Hall, and some of these buildings have splendid architectural features…there’s one near Birmingham with huge gothic windows and a magnificent black and white chequered floor, but today I think we will be in an additional function room, which probably won’t have features like this. However, I can guarantee that as long as the brides today are happy and truly in love with each other, I can give them a set of beautiful wedding photos. I know how much effort goes into planning a wedding, and how long couples spend preparing for their perfect day. The detail involved is approaching ridiculous, but it really is worth every second (and every penny) when the big day finally comes around and everything falls into place. I’m just as comfortable photographing in a castle as I am in a registry office, and I’m totally flexible with whatever plans you may have; as long as you are marrying the one for you then I am happy and privileged to be there to capture your special day, and it may sound cheesy but it’s definitely true, at the end of the day, all you need is love.

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