Bridal Preparations

I was photographing a wedding this weekend with a bride who was super confident with her body (and with good reason!). J had seen and commented on a photograph on my Facebook page, which showed a lovely bride in the process of being dressed, with a tiny peep of underwear showing. I think I commented something along the lines of it being “borderline boudoir”, and I have taken similar photos in the past, for those who request something along these lines.

However, usually most brides (and most women) are not as forthcoming, and my bridal prep photos are taken in a very natural, reportage style, which captures the essence of what is happening and the excitement in the air, without me interfering with the all important hair and make-up pampering. If a bride is happy to have some photographs of herself being dressed then I either wait in a corner of the room or outside the door until the dress is mostly in place, and then I can capture some lovely shots of the detail at the back, or the tearful bridesmaids, and most importantly of all, the realisation that sets in on the bride’s face as she realises that this is actually happening!

On the other hand, some people prefer to skip the bridal prep session to just appear at the ceremony looking fabulous! When I got married I had a male photographer and a tiny house so I didn’t want another person around when I was getting ready, so I didn’t have any prep photos. However, even if you don’t want me to photograph your preparation I will arrive at the venue instead in plenty of time to capture the guests and the groom and groomsmen, and I will be able to capture beautiful photos of your arrival; either in the car, or outside the building, with bridesmaids, parents etc, so if this is your preference, please don’t feel like you are missing out.

Overall, I am very flexible, and I am completely happy to go along with anything that you ask for; it’s your special day and whilst I am there to capture it for you, I want you to feel as comfortable as possible, and if you do have any special requests at all, just let me know.

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