The Little Things

I met with a lovely couple yesterday and we were talking about the quality of the light in their wedding venue, and I explained how it was important to choose a photographer that you get along with, as this person will be quite close to you for a large portion of your wedding day. This got me to thinking of how, when I’m photographing a wedding ceremony, I tend to focus my gaze on the registrar/ vicar so that the bride and groom don’t feel like they are being constantly observed (even though they are! ;)). I have a super quiet camera, and I choose particular moments to take my shots so that the couple are not distracted or put off in any way by me, especially when they are saying the all important vows. Of course capturing beautiful images is of paramount importance to me, but I really am genuinely and absolutely considerate of your enjoyment and happiness on the day, and for me, this is equally important, and shines through on the photos too. A part of this involves what I call “the little things”…so I might fasten a buckle on the bridesmaid’s shoes to prevent pretty nails from being ruined. I have worked the clasp on countless necklaces and bracelets, attached many a buttonhole flower to the chap’s suits, advised the ladies when they have lipstick on their teeth, or a piece of stray hair spoiling their hairdo, and I have often cleaned a bench before the bride sits down so that her dress does not get dirty. I am in no way a busybody, and for most of the day you will not really know that I am there, but it’s nice to know that there is a professional, experienced person close by, on your side, making sure that everything is flowing, and of course looking, exactly as it should be.

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