Wedding Photos in the rain

We live in a country where even a short term weather forecast can be completely wrong, but even so, I always check the weather a few days before a shoot, just to start thinking about a possible plan. This weekend I will be photographing a wedding at the lovely Belle Epoque in Knutsford, and basically the weather looks a bit rubbish! Of course, that is to be expected at this time of year, and let’s face it, at any time of the year in this country, which is why I am always fully prepared, whilst being completely flexible, when shooting a wedding.

First of all, I always tell my clients not to worry about the weather; it is the one element that can’t be changed, yet changes so frequently, so there really is no point at all worrying about what will happen on the day. I have photographed literally hundreds of weddings now, and I can only recall 2 days when it absolutely poured it down all day, and even then there was a veranda to use in one case and a pagoda to use in another for a few outdoor shots. Of course, it is not essential to step foot outside at all, if you really don’t want to…indoor lighting is a lot easier to control, and I have lots of supplementary light panels and flash guns so that I can create light and blend it with the ambient light from windows, or interior lighting, with no problems at all.

On the whole, most people don’t want to go out in the rain on their wedding day, even with umbrellas and wellies, as beautiful hair, make-up and clothes do not mix well with rain and mud and puddles, however, in my experience, most of the time the rain will come and go away again, and when it does disappear, that is when we pop outside for a few photos (and who knows? maybe even a cheeky rainbow too!). My photography style is not affected at all by the weather; nearly all of the important parts of the day are inside anyway, and I am perfectly happy shooting indoors, outdoors, and most frequently, a good combination of the two.

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